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Our products are perfectly suited for babies from birth. Our spray can have been designed with:
- A gentle pressure of the jet that is not aggressive for babies' fragile mucous membranes.
- A special adjustable rubberized nozzl e gentle for the baby’s nose which has been designed to take care of
small noses gently: an adapted pressure and a safe tip.

Yes. Otomar products are 100% natural, free of preservatives, drug substances and additives, and can safely be used in these cases.

1. Gently blow nose to clear nasal passages before using the nasal spray.

2. Shake the container well before using it.

3. Keep your head level and straight. Slowly exhale.

4. Use 1 finger to close the nostril not receiving the dose.

5. Slowly inhale while pressing the container.

6. Use 1 spray per nostril.

7. Repeat the previous steps for the other nostril.

8. Allow the medication to settle for a while.

9. Do not blow your nose or sneeze after the application of the medication.

Use 1 spray per nostril per administration. Use as needed or as directed by a medical professional.

Daily Hygiene:

Sterile, isotonic, solution, equivalent to 0.9% sodium chloride solution. No preservatives.

Cold & Flu:

 Hypertonic solution, 2.6%Sterile, isotonic, solution, equivalent to 0.9% sodium chloride

solution. No preservatives.

Yes. Otomar is 100% natural. It has a safe and effective solution to relieve your baby’s nasal congestion and thin viscous mucus so it is eliminated easily. It may help you avoid the use of medicated decongestants and may help prevent secondary infections such as otitis from developing. You can also use it regularly to clear and cleanse your baby’s nose and keep it healthy. 

Isotonic solutions are suitable for nasal cleansing but they cannot function as decongestants; this is because they have the same salt concentration with the nasal tissues (0.9% NaCl). Hypertonic solutions have a greater salt concentration than the nasal tissues; in addition to nasal cleansing, they work to relieve nasal congestion via the natural mechanism of osmosis. When the nose is blocked, the higher salt concentration helps draw-out the excess water from the swollen nasal tissues, relieving congestion and restoring nasal breathing, naturally.

Otomar Isotonic can be used for the temporary relief of:

• Nasal congestion due to hay fever or other upper respiratory allergies (allergic rhinitis)

• Nasal stuffiness

• Sinus congestion and pressure

Otomar Hypertonic can be used for the temporary relief of:

• Dryness of mucus membrane and cold

• Blocked nose

• Sinus allergies and congestions