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Post Surgical Care

Post Surgical Care

Healthy humans are predominantly nose breathing at rest. The nasal mucosa plays an essential role in maintaining healthy airways by entrapping inhaled airborne aggressors (pollutants, pollen, infectious viruses, heating and humidifying inhaled air). 
The rise in the levels of airborne pollutants, pollen and infectious viruses around the world requires more attention to daily hygiene to maintain a healthy nasal mucosa capable of playing its first defense function.

Otomar benefits

Saline spray, by flushing out thick mucus, crust, debris and airborne aggressors, by washing away inflammatory mediators and by improving ciliary function, will help nasal mucosa play its first defense role.
Evidence suggests that nasal sprays effectively reach the nasal cavity which is important when targeting the nasal mucosa.
Other benefits of daily nasal hygiene: 

Helps cleanse and hydrate nasal tissues, to prevent nasal dryness. 
Improves the effectiveness of the medicated nasal sprays when nasal saline is used first.

National guidelines recommend the regular use of saline nasal sprays for daily nasal hygiene to support optimal nasal function.

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